For Better or For Worse: Summer Fun

Just a few days ago, dad taught us how to play euchre and we’re having a blast playing family games in the evenings. We’ve played Rat-a-tat-cat, Ruckus,Life and many more great games! We’re having a great summer! Bayla and I are getting along very well. We went to a family reunion in Kingston on Sunday and we had a great time! So far I give our summer five stars!

For Better or For Worse: Dear Sylvester’s Mom

Dear Mrs. Duck,

I am writing to you because I would like you to know that your duckling, the one who fell behind when you were swimming, did not drown all alone in dow’s lake. My mother went back and found him, slowly sinking into the water. When the man whom she asked to call the bird care center refused, my mom knelt by the water an hoped that he would simply, well… float over, and, wonder of wonders, he did! My mom scooped him out and gently cradled him in her hands all the way back to our home. When I got home, there he was, sitting in his water dish. We named him Sylvester, after a duckling that lived in my mom’s classroom when she was small. We each took a turn carefully holding him in our hands. Sylvester was so soft! When my dad got home, he took Sylvester to the bird care center, there, they found that his mouth was full of blood. Immediately, they stopped examining him and gave him some medicine to make him more comfortable. That night comfortable, loved and surrounded with other ducks, geese and all sorts of other birds, he quietly passed away. We all cried upon hearing this news. Anyways, I just really thought that you would like to know that your duckling enjoyed his final hours and that his life, though short, had an effect on many people. I’m sure that you are very proud of him.

Also, thank you very much for taking such good care of him while you could and for calling back for him. If you had not done that I think that he would have died all alone and his little life would not have been noticed. At least this way he knew that he was loved very much, not only by you but by my family and everyone who hears this story, Sylvester’s story. I will never forget about your little duck that little trooper, Sylvester.

Sincerely, your friend,


For Better or For Worse #8: Terrific Teachers

Have you ever felt like someone really, really really cares?

Well, with our principal and our teachers, we don’t just feel it. We know it.

One day, early on this year (on the day of Mom’s biopsy to be exact) Bayla and I both ended up in the office. After Bayla and her classmate had left, Mme. Watson-Senecal (our principal) kept me in the room for further discussion. I told her that Bayla and I might be stressed because of Mom’s biopsy. Mme. Watson-Senecal and Mme. Flanagan (our vice-principal) were amazingly understanding.

A month later, Mom, Dad, Mme. Watson-Senecal, Mme. Flanagan, Mrs. Dubois, Mme. Morin  and Mme. Pascale were seated in the principal’s office discussing how to best help us with the situation as we patiently but nervously sat outside.

Seven months later, our teachers are still helping us immensely with all these wonderful projects to keep our minds off anything that might bother us.

We feel so thankful for our teachers.

Luba Duba Duo #1: Kelly, Diane and Luke

“We’re about 20 minutes away.”

Twenty minutes later, Kelly, Dianne, Luke and all their luggage arrived.

Two days, one trip to Montreal, one tulip festival, lots of Phaedra-petting, lots of hugs, kisses and lots of fun later, they were packed up in their van, ready to go. We were very, very sad to see them go.

Four hours later, we got a call. Expecting they were home safe we picked up the phone and realized we were completely wrong. They were stuck in Kingston because of a major accident. Oh no. We were expecting it would be a 3.5 hour drive. How wrong we were.

For Better or For Worse#4 Woohoo!!! March Break!!!

BBBRRRIIIINNNGGG!!!!! goes the school bell on 3:30, Friday, March 11th, 2010; it signifies (much to the delight of the students and teachers at our school) the official beginning of March Break. HOORAY!!!!!

Three days later, we have already: slept over etc. with girl’s night out, gone to a friend’s house, slept over at another friend’s house, had a day of relaxation, gone to Bruce Pit with some friends, made bath bombs, read-lots, and written posts. Still on our schedule is: spa day, candle making and more-even going to Toronto!!!! WOW!!!!! I LOVE March Break!!!!

For Better or For Worse#3 HIP-HIP-HORAY!!!!!

Mom has had two surgerys, one portocath surgery, four chemo treatments, two radio active scans: one heart scan, one bone scan, MRIs, a mamagram, ultra sounds and a biopsy. Dad has dealt with the insurance company, he has taken mom to all of her appiontments, scheduled playdates etc. for Bayla and me and done a special project for his work as well as going to Calgary. In my opinion, my parents are as courageous as they come.

So three cheers for Mom and Dad!!!


For Better or For Worse #1: Friends

Friend. Friend means hope, friend means laughter, kindness, joy,  excitment and peace. Lucky,  lucky us we are sorrounded by amazingly  caring people – friends. They squeeze us into after school programs, they walk us home from Q4, they bring us food (yum!), they have Bayla and me over at their houses and much, much more. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Ask for and accept help