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Mommy, What Will I Look Like?

Here’s what I did today instead of my 30minute exercise tape: Yes, there are worse things than baldness! p.s. Can you match the tresses to the actresses I stole them from?

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We Run a Pretty Tight Ship

At 3:00 this morning, Bayla dragged me in to her bed. Phaedra followed. Within fifteen minutes, Phaedra had peed full force at my trying-to-get-back-to-sleep feet. A brief but loud battle for clean beds ensued. Phaedra went to her crate, Bayla … Continue reading

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Return to Sender

Thanks to chemo, I now have the skin of a 105 year old. If you happen across a skinless 105 year old, please tell her where she can find me. I’d like to give it back.

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Wearing Memories … in a good way

Mark’s parents paid me a lovely lunchtime visit last week. In honour of the occasion, I had changed out of my everyday recovery-wear into my Company’s Coming recovery-wear. At the end of the visit, Mark’s mom motioned to my T-shirt … Continue reading

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No hair. Barely any eyebrows. Barely any lashes. It’s getting tough to tell which end is up.

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