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The millions of things I have to say today are too poisonous. So I won’t.

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Return to Sender

Thanks to chemo, I now have the skin of a 105 year old. If you happen across a skinless 105 year old, please tell her where she can find me. I’d like to give it back.

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After a certain number of sleepless nights, doesn’t your body have to finally fall asleep? Pain or no pain? Important Update: I finally got my pain medication to take the edge off my many complaints and was able to sleep … Continue reading

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I don’t know why, but that’s it

I don’t know why, but that’s it. For the first time since my first surgery way back in October, I’m throwing in the towel and going right back to bed. No juicing, no supplements, no exercise, no shower. I know … Continue reading

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Winding down. Or, just whining.

Green tea, 70% dark chocolate and my little pooch. In bed. Seems this may be the extent of my day today. Am I actually being physically ground down by chemo or do I just need to give myself a kick? … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Program

Ok. Maybe I’m getting bored of chemo or forgetting how absolutely lucky I am that I’m not throwing up or laying in bed moaning — but this round seems very different. Digestive distress or no, the chemo cravings (for pizza, … Continue reading

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I feel like an alien among the healthy. And I felt like an alien in the support group. But I’m happy as a clam in my chemo-created cocoon. Just me, my pooch, my runners, my skates, my computer, my sewing … Continue reading

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