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A Fresh Chapter

Happy New Year! We’ve begun a fresh chapter: The Something Of Our Ways. Hope to see you there…  

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Feel Free

When I was diagnosed in October 2009, I was vaguely aware of one woman who had been through the experience before me. I felt isolated. Targeted. Stupid. Alone. Sadly, I don’t feel alone now. There are too many of us. … Continue reading

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The Time of My Life

A year ago yesterday, was my first day back to work. But yesterday, wasn’t. Lucky, lucky me. Before cancer, I led a charmed life. And I knew it. I was happy. I was healthy. With two delicious daughters. And a … Continue reading

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Am I Touching Something?

“You can keep them bottled up, but they will come out, Michael. Sometimes in the most unexpected… Hey, where the @!*# are my hard-boiled eggs?!“ – Tobias Fünke. Good Grief! Arrested Development 2004. My life is brimming with beautiful people. … Continue reading

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Have We Done Hair Pink Glasses On?

There’s no time like the present. Related Posts: Watch it grow month by month They Make Me Feel Dressier Stubble Stings From the Mouth of Bayla #5 Hair Shaving Celebration (video) Hair Shaving (audio)

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Up here, Michael.

In October 2009, I was desperate to have both breasts removed. Thanks to my insistent surgeon, I didn’t. They’re small. They’re lopsided. There are scars on both. But they’re here. And so am I. Lucky me.

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Ooooh! Look at all these Parts!

When Mark lost his job last month, a friend grinned, “When one door closes, another opens… Sometimes, 17 others open.” And it’s been true. Possibilities have been popping up ever since. Possible new paths for Mark. And, surprisingly, hints of … Continue reading

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Medicinal Deceit

Three weeks ago today, Mark lost his job. It was no laughing matter. But, thanks to a whack of relevant AD quotes, we laughed a lot that day. Often, it’s not what happens so much as how we frame it. This weekend, I … Continue reading

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We’re just not that starved for attention.

Life is short. And I’m the hard-earned new me. So, why must I continue to let braggarts, bullies and poseurs get under my skin? Really. I need to know why. So I can stop. Enough, already.

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It never hurts to double-check.

Back in December, I got pretty freaked out about a line of lumps along my right arm. I fretted. I frenzied. And celebrated big when I got the good news. Two weeks ago, I had the long-awaited ultrasound and left … Continue reading

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It’s just something the body does when you shake it.

Hooping, it turns out, is perfect post-breast-cancer-treatment therapy. Almost. It challenges my co-ordination, balance and spatial awareness. It entirely occupies my mind. Its frantic, erratic arm movements sneak my damaged limb into places I thought I’d left behind. It allows … Continue reading

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A Delicious Whodunnit

Mr. Social Media hit the national TV screens again tonight. What that means for your weekend at 46:21. p.s. You can watch Mark’s Peace, Order and Googleable Government video, here.

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The Something of My Ways… Wisdom?

I took a timeout from teleworking today to enjoy a walk with Phaedra. As my ever-burgeoning buttocks bounced happily behind me, I wondered what tweaks to my daily habits might reverse that jiggling trend. A young man caught up to … Continue reading

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I have dreams, Lindsay. Dreams…

Well, then, Tobias… follow those dreams. Make those dreams happen. — Tobias Funke, Visiting Ours Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but … Continue reading

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Here Comes the 10:15 Conniption, Right on Time

In the first few years after it, Jay and I laughed that our 7650 kilometre coast-to-coast cycling slog had eliminated all chances of future adventure. Once-thrilling ski and bike tours, tough as they were, left us unfulfilled. Our bang bar … Continue reading

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