Happiness Is…

Surviving and thriving.
That's us, to the right. Two years ago today. Moments after sharing the bad news with Luba. So early in a surreal journey. Behind that smile, a big part of me thought life was over. All of me hoped it was just beginning. We headed to Quebec City that week. As planned.  I tossed and turned in the hotel bed, hoping I'd somehow fall asleep before Lucy, Bayla and Mark finished watching "The Corpse Bride", "Beetlejuice", "Edward Scissorhands" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I was awoken, one of those nights, by a ringing thought: This was the beginning of "The Spicy Me". Before this ordeal, my aim was to get through life. To make it to some far off end without losing any of the fabulousness I'd stumbled into. New territories and aspirations were reserved for Luba. As a matter of course. Two years ago today, I opened my eyes. I became alert. Aware. Present. Grateful plus. I started examining. And choosing. And imagining more. The two years since then have brought trauma and mourning, recovery and joy. I've made friends. I've taken chances. I've explored new territories. I've become the Spicy Me. I'd never choose cancer. I never want it again. For any one. And I'm supremely grateful for the efflorescing goodness I've been treated to since that mind-boggling beginning. Two years ago today. I'm aspiring to many, many more good years. By the way.


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    BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I'm often asked for tips for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, their family and friends. But every situation is different -- and it's tough to tell which of or whether my choices have actually helped.

    The best I can do is offer personal reflections on my various decisions.

    So, here is a rambly whack of them...

    The Good: I'm glad I chose to...

    Insist on a Port-a-cath
    Although I was fairly terrified leading up to it, the port-a-cath installation procedure turned out to be a total breeze -- and well worth the cyborg result. My port-a-cath saved a good length of vein from chemo-induced damage and allowed me unrestricted, convenient use of both arms for my 18 weeks of chemo, BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Mark's pretty eager to have it removed, but as long as I have blood-work to be done, I'm thrilled to have this built-in valve.
    Look to real-life role models
    This journey would have been lonely and dismal were it not for the brilliant examples and support of friends like Caroline, Laurie, Derek, Gloria and Eden, whose dignity, Avapro from canadian pharmacy, courage, resilience and generosity showed me that life is what you choose to make it.
    I am so immensely grateful to these shining lights.
    Stay active
    I'm convinced that getting up and out of my PJs each morning, doing breakfast and walking to school with Luba, sticking to a fairly demanding exercise routine and taking care of household chores helped my body and mind cope with the rigors of treatment.
    Chemo threw my emotions into turmoil one week every three, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, and staying active kept me myself and helped me climb out of that trough again and again.
    Enjoy Energy Therapy
    Throughout my treatment, I benefited regularly from the talent, generosity and skill of three energy workers. BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I'm sure the resulting insight, healing and optimism played a major role in minimizing my treatment side-effects, improving my outlook and speeding my well-being.
    I am so grateful.
    Ask for and accept help
    I've never been comfortable doing either, but asking for and accepting help not only solved the many logistical problems posed by hectic medical schedules and diminished physical abilities, it deepened friendships, introduced our young family to the beauty of community, filled me with healing gratitude, nurtured my always-battered self-esteem and left me longing to pay-it-forward. Order Avapro online overnight delivery no prescription,
    Capture and share our story
    We broadcast my diagnosis as soon as it hit us. Right from -- and especially at -- the very beginning, we audio-recorded and snapped photos of our journey: sharing the news with Luba, attending appointments, celebrating milestones and living life in between.
    I believe capturing our journey gives me a sense of moving forward, of anticipating the victorious sense of looking back, and at the very least preserves precious memories for Luba.Sharing our journey, specifically and authentically, allows me to help those who may, Kjøpe Avapro online, bestill Avapro online, unfortunately, follow. And distilling overwhelming situations to web-sized chunks helps me get to and focus on their vital core, BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.
    Juice veggies
    As gag-inducing as these morning concoctions are, the ritual of selecting, chopping, juicing and somehow ingesting a whack of fresh vegetables every morning makes me feel like a healthiness hero, acheter en ligne Avapro, acheter Avapro bon marché.
    My daily juice includes beet, carrot, celery, ginger, swiss chard, lemon and, if I have it, bok choy, Buy Avapro from canada, broccoli or cauliflower. Powerful veggies but possibly more powerful superstition.Daily juicing of fresh cut wheat grass is a salubrious luxury that I only wish I could afford to keep up forever.
    Embrace temporary baldness
    Our head-shaving party (video) helped me take control of my impending hair loss and enter temporary baldness with a resounding sense of support, victory and even joy.Choosing funky, friend-infused hand-made hats over wigs and baring it all when temperatures permitted, gave me the comfort, freedom, acceptance and playfulness that I don't think hiding under a wig could.
    Supplement Vitamin D3, Curcumin, Vitamin C, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Resveratrol and Green Tea Extract -- and drink lots of Matcha
    I've tried a tonne of supplements during this journey, but after reading numerous books and articles (and not retaining the details of any) this is the handful I'm left feeling starve cancer best.This feeling is far from scientific. I'm sharing it, anyway. Buy Avapro without prescription,
    Reboot me
    I'm so grateful that I have taken this time to examine my life, my thinking, my habits, relationships, choices and outlook -- trying to toss out what wasn't working and deliberately striving for new patterns.
    My daily practices of gratitude and forgiveness have been far from perfect, but I feel lighter than my old self, and I feel much better about myself and my world.
    Celebrate every victory and milestone
    Ever since that lump turned up, we've been pulling our way through time by anticipating the celebration of milestones and victories, big and small.
    When there is something to look forward to, life is good, BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. I'm so grateful that, as a family, we look for and find these things.

    The Bad: I'm glad I chose not to...

    Regularly consume sugar, Avapro samples, white flour and other simple carbs
    Research shows, high GI foods, such as sugar, white flour, potatoes and white rice, trigger hormones such as insulin and IGF growth factor which, in turn, lead to inflammation and cancer growth. San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas,
    Since sugar, unlike dairy, offers close to no nutrition, I ended up deciding to mostly do sugar socially. Way easier than giving up coffee (which also raises insulin levels). BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I'm glad I did.
    Work during chemo, radiation and hormone therapy ramp-up
    Yes, I probably could have worked during a good part of my treatment. And, yes, a lot of people do it.
    I'm glad I decided not to. For me, the personal benefits of focusing completely on healing far out-weighed the financial benefits of working. I'm thankful for Mark's job and that we all made adjustments to make it work.
    Hide my situation from our daughters -- or myself
    None of us know what's ahead of us.
    And we always hope for the best.But we've been honest with ourselves and our girls since the very beginning of this journey, BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. And I'm glad of that.
    Venture into public places during chemo
    It was inconvenient, Buy cheap Avapro no rx, isolating and not absolutely essential, but avoiding public places for 18 weeks was a tiny price to pay to avoid the colds, flus or H1N1 viruses that may have stretched out my treatment -- or worse.
    My chemo-cocooning gave me time to exercise, reflect, create and, most important, order Avapro no prescription, heal. And it protected me from the world I had yet to find my new spot in.
    Choose the attitude of fighter or invalid
    I didn't choose cancer. But I do get to choose my attitude.
    BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, There are lots of options.I've been happy with mine.

    The Ugly: I wish I hadn't...

    Fought so hard for bilateral mastectomy
    I left my first post-diagnosis appointment absolutely adamant to remove both breasts. I remained so for three full weeks.
    After several late night phone calls, online buying Avapro, and just days before my long-awaited surgery, my fabulous surgeon made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I reluctantly agreed to a lumpectomy.Turned out cancer had reached all 3 sentinal lymph nodes and recurrence could be anywhere. Removing my breasts wouldn't have helped.
    I am so grateful for Dr, BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Lorimor's perseverence and care.
    Wasted energy on impossible relationships
    My diagnosis and publicly shared journey gave me opportunities to reconnect with long lost friends and relatives, near and far. Those renewed relationships have enriched our lives.
    My diagnosis also gave me an excuse to work on some very broken family relationships, buy Avapro from mexico. But after wasting precious energy and effort BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, , they're right back where they started -- or worse. I should have put that energy into worthwhile relationships and healing.
    Bothered with daily Flor-Essence Herbal Tea
    During much of my treatment, I bought this pricey powder, followed the 24hour brewing and straining procedures then woke up earlier than I otherwise would have each morning so I could prepare it, drink it and wait 30 minutes before I could eat or drink anything else.
    I have no idea whether this or any of my practices did me any good, but this one was inconvenient and costly and I eventually gave it up.
    Neglected my protein intake
    Chemo eats away at muscle mass but I had hoped that by jogging, walking and doing strengthening exercises throughout my treatment, I would keep my muscles strong.
    Turns out, my plan should have included more protein.
    I ended up with two sets of tennis elbow and a brutal case of plantar fasciitis, which worsened after chemo ended and has prevented me from jogging ever since. Live and learn.
    Deprived myself of coffee and dairy
    I did not sleep one wink the night I received my diagnosis, BUY Avapro ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. And I guess, at that time, I figured I'd never sleep again. So, I cut out coffee. Cold turkey.
    Four months later, I realized delicious coffee was a treat I deserved, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California. No great loss, I know. But enjoying a delicious coffee treat makes me feel like me, so I wish I'd relented sooner.As for dairy, it has a pretty bad reputation in certain circles, but with chemo-induced menopause and bone-robbery, skipping dairy was one of my stupider choices.

    Sorry for this absurdly long post. I wanted it to be a one-stop shop for anyone who may need it..

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BUY Desyrel ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Lucy and Bayla wrote and submitted an article to our very local paper, last month. Order Desyrel from mexican pharmacy, We're proud to announce, that article was published today, rx free Desyrel. Desyrel in cats, dogs, children, Here it is:

On October 6th, 2009, Desyrel 500mg, Desyrel 5mg, our mother, Andrea Sue Ross, online buy Desyrel without a prescription, Acheter en ligne Desyrel, acheter Desyrel bon marché, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, New York. Los Angeles, California, Desyrel 125mg, less than eleven months later, we have already raised $3, Desyrel price, Farmacia Desyrel baratos, Desyrel online kaufen, 500 almost $5,500 for ‘Run For the Cure’ of which our mom is a proud and worthy participant.

Through 2 surgeries, online buying Desyrel, Desyrel 1000mg, 2000mg, 1 MRI, ultra sounds, købe Desyrel online, αγοράζουν online Desyrel, Purchase Desyrel online, radioactive injections, mammograms, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, biopsies, a port-a-cath installation, Desyrel 50mg, Buy Desyrel online no prescription, 6 chemo treatments and 30 days of radiation our mom has hardly complained at all. Now, where can i find Desyrel online, Buy Desyrel from canada, well into hormone therapy, our mom is only four years away from being “officially” a cancer survivor, Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas. Though in our opinion someone who has made it this far IS a survivor because you have to be really strong to have the confidence, courage, compassion and over all the perseverance that it takes to kick cancer’s butt, BUY Desyrel ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Order Desyrel online overnight delivery no prescription, Our mom is strong. Our mom is confident, köpa Desyrel online, Osta Desyrel online, Jotta Desyrel verkossa, Desyrel 200mg, courageous and compassionate. Our Mom perseveres, purchase Desyrel online. Desyrel 5mg,

Our mom kicked cancer’s butt. So can you, Desyrel pharmacy. Desyrel 125mg, You can help weather it’s by donating money to help find a cure, supporting a friend with cancer, australia, uk, us, usa, or, if you to are, or will be, a cancer survivor then telling your story and inspiring others. YOU can make a difference.

Our mom is running for the cure. You can to.

Find more about our journey at WeCanRebuildHer.com.

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Celebrating life with good, good friends.

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BUY Tramadol ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Summer schedules are busy. And the last week before school may be the craziest time to book a celebration, buy Tramadol from mexico. Acheter en ligne Tramadol, acheter Tramadol bon marché, But celebrate we must.

We will miss saying huge in-person thank yous to our absent friends, order Tramadol online c.o.d. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, We hope our gratitude beams reach you wherever you are.

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BUY Simvastatin (Simvoget) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, We digital folk find it difficult to be without our online community. Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon, We love our digital relationships so much that anytime we're presented with a decent 3G signal, we find ourselves temped to check our email, Simvastatin (Simvoget) 100mg. Simvastatin (Simvoget) withdrawal, Frankly, Andrea and I have done pretty well over the last few days, where can i buy cheapest Simvastatin (Simvoget) online. Buy Simvastatin (Simvoget) no prescription, Then, curiosity got the better of us, købe Simvastatin (Simvoget) online, αγοράζουν online Simvastatin (Simvoget). Order Simvastatin (Simvoget) no prescription, We're touched that since posts to WeCanRebuildHer.com slowed down we've been receiving lots of email asking how we're doing; how our children and dog are.

I'm pleased to report that life is grand, full of celebrations, fresh air and the kinds of family and friends that make this life great, BUY Simvastatin (Simvoget) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. In fact, Simvastatin (Simvoget) 125mg, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, as I write this, we're transitioning from one wave of celebration and relaxation to the next -- which involves a fire pit, order Simvastatin (Simvoget) online c.o.d, Simvastatin (Simvoget) 5mg, sticks and gooey mounds of sugar.

I hope you're enjoying the beginning of summer as much as we are -- whether online, comprar en línea Simvastatin (Simvoget), comprar Simvastatin (Simvoget) baratos, Where can i find Simvastatin (Simvoget) online, offline or both.

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BUY Melphalan ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, At a 40th birthday bash last night, Mark and I ran into an acquaintance from our early days of parenting. Melphalan 1000mg, 2000mg, She asked about JustOneMoreBook! and I told her we'd replaced it with a breast cancer blog, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas. Buy Melphalan no prescription, "When did you have that?!" was her shocked response.

That beautiful, Melphalan samples, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, knee-jerk, past-tense reaction swelled me with glee, Melphalan 250mg. And it's been echoing in my head ever since, BUY Melphalan ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, Cancer in the past tense.
The distant past tense, comprar en línea Melphalan, comprar Melphalan baratos. Where can i buy Melphalan online, Like a bad cold
or a fall
or a notch on my belt.

Thank you, where can i order Melphalan without prescription, Buy Melphalan from mexico, Ashley. For being the first, acheter en ligne Melphalan, acheter Melphalan bon marché. Kjøpe Melphalan online, bestill Melphalan online,

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BUY Herbal Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Out of concern for Andrea's health, particularly due to immune compromise during Andrea's chemo, we haven't gone out for dinner in about five months. That means Christmas, Herbal Viagra 75mg, Acheter en ligne Herbal Viagra, acheter Herbal Viagra bon marché, our anniversary, Valentine's Day, Herbal Viagra pharmacy, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, etc... they were all at-home celebrations, comprar en línea Herbal Viagra, comprar Herbal Viagra baratos. Where can i order Herbal Viagra without prescription, Tonight, that changed, New York. Los Angeles, California. Where can i buy Herbal Viagra online, My parents took us to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and the end of Andrea's chemo. We had a fabulous dinner at Saint-O in Ottawa's east end, BUY Herbal Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. It was a meal and celebration worth the wait, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, Buy Herbal Viagra from mexico, and the first of what I expect to be a lifetime of celebrations.

It was particularly fitting to celebrate with my parents, buy Herbal Viagra without prescription. Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas, They've been nothing short of amazing to us since Andrea's diagnosis. They canceled a winter in Florida and kept themselves available to us at all times, Herbal Viagra for sale. BUY Herbal Viagra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, The list of things they've done for us is long and impressive. Farmacia Herbal Viagra baratos, Herbal Viagra online kaufen, Thank you, so much, Herbal Viagra 5mg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, Mom and Dad.

It felt great to be at a restaurant with Andrea (and my parents), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada. Köpa Herbal Viagra online, Osta Herbal Viagra online, Jotta Herbal Viagra verkossa, I'll never understand how Andrea soldiered through chemo the way she did. I'm amazingly proud of and inspired by her, buy cheap Herbal Viagra no rx. Herbal Viagra 125mg. Herbal Viagra in cats, dogs, children. Herbal Viagra 800mg, 875mg, 900mg. Australia, uk, us, usa. 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg. Herbal Viagra 75mg. Buy Herbal Viagra no prescription. Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas. Where can i buy cheapest Herbal Viagra online. Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California. Order Herbal Viagra online overnight delivery no prescription.

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