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Talk for Walking

I’m always pleased to hear that my blog has reached people. Especially those on their own versions of this journey. Today, I heard from Alex in London, England. She asked if I had any advice for post-treatment life. I thought … Continue reading

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Contested Irrelevance — My PAB2010 Jolt

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Accented Light

The Circle of Life The stories of cancer survivors reveal a common thread that runs through all their experiences. After the initial shock of being diagnosed with cancer, their  worlds turn black. But, as they go through the journeys of … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Long lost family … Found! Born just one month before me, my cousin Kelly was my very first friend. From toddlerhood through tweendom, we spent countless weekends and vacations playing, chatting, imagining and growing up. I was painfully shy, socially … Continue reading

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To Zap or Not To Zap

Five days ’til radiation. But I’m having second thoughts. Living the aftermath of chemo — the swollen eyes, the mounting fatigue, the weakness, the aching, the blurriness, frustration and fog — I’m questioning the wisdom of this four-fold onslaught. Mark’s … Continue reading

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What A Fabulous Week

Thank you to everyone who has made this week of celebration so spectacular. There are many, many more fabulous celebrations ahead.

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Chemo-hangover and steroid withdrawal, like icy prods, seek deep sadnesses and chase them to my surface. Robbed of my fortitude by these chemicals, I writhe. But I’ve learned, these months, that this darkness will fade. ‘Til then, apt words from … Continue reading

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Journey Learning #6: Family

This journey has led me to think a lot about family. My Family Is Not My family has not been my sister, Linda, from whom I’ve heard word zero for months, despite my email updates and her easy access to … Continue reading

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Pondering Patterns to Peace

Prior to this journey, I had a long-standing, comfortable, mutually supportive, fun, close relationship with exactly one member of my family. My sister, Linda. In Boulder, Colorado. Three thousand kilometres away. That’s one out of 78++ family members: 4 direct … Continue reading

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Time to forgive me

It was February, 1998. I was healthy, happy, fit and in love. I was having exciting adventures. I had good friends, a great relationship and a satisfying job. Life was fine. There was just one tiny, huge problem: I was … Continue reading

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Thank you!

A huge thank you to Sean McGaughey and Daniele Rossi for gathering good vibes for us at PodCamp Toronto 2010 and to all the fabulous friends who contributed great wishes — and favourite children’s book titles. You can listen in … Continue reading

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Virtually reconnecting

Under normal circumstances, Andrea and I would be in Toronto this weekend to attend the fourth PodCamp Toronto (PCTO2010), a social media “unconference”. It’s one of two annual events we make a point of being a part of at which … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

Coffee. This morning I had my first cup of coffee since my diagnosis, exactly four months minus one day ago. Sure, it was take-out, tepid and left me feeling jangled and quite sick to my stomach. I simply forgave it. … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

Peace. Where I grew up, children were to demean and not heard. I guess Mark and I over-corrected on this one, making parenting at our place an exhausting and noisy affair. Yesterday morning was a peaceful exception. I’m glad I … Continue reading

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Shared Healing

Thank you to Tanya Snook for sharing her thoughts about our “very … out there” blog. You can read Tanya’s post here.

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