Oh BOLO Me-o ♫

I had no idea this event existed.

Thanks to my friend, Laurie, I’ll be there.

I hope you will too.

WHERE: The Prescott, 379 Preston Street, at Preston and Beech
WHEN: Thursday, July 7, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm
WHO: 20+ bloggers reading their favourite post from the past year; plus several photo bloggers displaying their art
WHO’S INVITED: Anyone who likes to hear good writing.

Digesting PAB

For the 53 hours since PAB ended, I’ve been squeezing my brain, hoping to shrink the PAB2011 experience down to a blog-post-sized blurb.

My mind, my chest, my eyes are still swelling with swirling ideas and images. Huge laughs, huge smiles, huge buzzing, tingling emotions. Huge gratitude for the privilege of belonging.

This morning, as we attended Lucy’s grade 6 graduation, I realized that the stilted, tension-filled ickiness of that sweltering gym, thick with twelve years of inter-parental encounters, was the anti-PAB. And that helped boil the weekend down to its core…

PAB gets me. It lets me be me when I’m there. And seems to do the same for us all.
PAB’s about expressing, not impressing.
It’s about connecting and creating and stretching and sharing.

It’s a slingshot into life.

Thanks to everybody for the photos (and for the weekend, of course).

More PAB here.

I’m Reading at CensorFest

Let’s celebrate the power of creative expression — and the freedom to offend — Wednesday, February 23rd 8pm at the cozy, kitchy Raw Sugar Cafe at Censored Out Loud:

Join a motley crew of writers, actors, musicians (including Lisa Poushinsky, Nichole McGill, Jesse DangerouslyMegan Jerome, Jessica Ruano, Mike Essoudry) and nobodies like me as we celebrate Freedom To Read Week by belting out some scandalous — and not so scandalous — censored or challenged works.

Cover: $10 or pay what you can.
Proceeds to PEN Canada.

Hope to see you there.

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Creative Collisions

Tonight was the first ever Creator Camp.

I was thrilled to take a dip in creativity soup with quilters, painters, writers, musicians, speakers, photographers, storytellers, bakers. And more.

I was grateful for reminders:

  • to recognize grueling social situations as creative challenges
  • to start small and draw on what we know
  • to notice our creative sweet spots — an empty canvas can be much more inhibiting than a tiny space,  a specific problem or a single missing harmony
  • to appreciate our creativity in its overlooked forms and sizes
  • that creative goals require decision, commitment, scheduling and enjoyment
  • to keep expectations low
  • to recognize creative drought as a valuable time of regeneration and renewal
  • to be present
  • to take ourselves less seriously
  • to create.

And, most of all, I was captivated by the collision of my various lives:

  • Bob, Julien, Bob and Sue, podcasting friends
  • Alexa, who I met in grade 8
  • Louise and Tom, who are currently my coworkers
  • Candice, who I met through a anti-cancer food for web services barter
  • My long lost cousin, Susan.

A truly amusing sliced life stew.

Huge thanks to Louise, Tom, Alison, Sue, Christopher and CC for the thought-provoking presentations and to everyone who made time on a cold midweek evening to share an evening of inspiration.