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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

More to come.

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Intersecting Rings

I made my very first hoop yesterday and headed, shyly, to the park to test it out. I had hoped the park would be empty. But no such luck. As I stood building up my nerve, a stranger inquired about … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Hanging. Twisting. Stretching. Trusting. Letting go… I just experienced my first ever wall yoga. Four students. Two instructors. Loads of gentle adjustments and narrative. Pure Bliss. And to think I only joined as a personal dare. Thank you Basia. Thank … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Hoop…. instead of Poop. Today was a rough day. Huge thanks to hooping (and Sophie) for the hour-long escape from care. And to Lucy for joining me.

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Happiness Is…

Good Friends and, as it turns out, Hooping. When those lumps came to light on Friday, I spun into a vortex of terror. I wandered like a distracted zombie for the better part of four days. Sharing my worries here … Continue reading

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Breakfast, Ladies?

Motivated by the promise of a “yummy breakfast” with a gaggle of interesting woman, I’ve joined Laurie Kingston’s Run For The Cure Team. If you’re a female who can be in Ottawa on October 3rd, you can join too. Register … Continue reading

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Wearing Memories … in a good way

Mark’s parents paid me a lovely lunchtime visit last week. In honour of the occasion, I had changed out of my everyday recovery-wear into my Company’s Coming recovery-wear. At the end of the visit, Mark’s mom motioned to my T-shirt … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Program

Ok. Maybe I’m getting bored of chemo or forgetting how absolutely lucky I am that I’m not throwing up or laying in bed moaning — but this round seems very different. Digestive distress or no, the chemo cravings (for pizza, … Continue reading

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I’ll be in the hospital bar

The challenge of having a naturally positive attitude is the tendency to take for granted that things will always be smooth. It can be extremely sobering when you get a shot across the bow to remind you that, particularly where … Continue reading

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Breaking the Rules

Have I mentioned that I love the canal? As I walk and jog at its edge each day, it rarely fails to share a story. Tales of hopeful preparations and thwarted plans. Spunky students risking shortcuts. Rogue skaters and mysteries. … Continue reading

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My Stay At Home Healing Routine, so far

I’m settling seamlessly into my new Monday-Friday Home Alone Healing routine. My days are actually pretty full and, so far, they’re flying by. Here’s how I fill them: make and sip Flor-Essence tea supervise and/or make packed lunches and breakfast … Continue reading

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As I shuffled out for my jog today I happened upon this scene. I stood shivering in my skimpy shell and sneakers, paying my respects. A hearse, limosines and a ribbon of 4000 paramedics, firefighters and police officers snaked by. … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

A twilight jog by a blanketed lake Timid flurries, lamplight, snow-clad boughs The crunch of sneakers on a freshly scraped path Alone. And a happy, warm family to return to. Mmmmm…..

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