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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

More to come.

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From the Mouth of Bayla: Anti-Cancer Yumm!!

Yesterday, Lucy, Mom, Dad and I recived a GREAT gift. It was sprouted lentil and burdock soup with miso, burdock root tea, black kale chips, apple crisp, raspberry blueberry banana and chia pudding, marinated red cabbage, raw curried carrot soup, … Continue reading

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A Long-Overdue Apology

It hit me during Bif Naked’s un-freakin-believably honest, poignant and entertaining address at the conference last weekend. And it hit me hard (thanks to you). With a dramatic roll of her eyes, Bif described how breast cancer had saddled her with the pieces-picking-upping of her inconsolable … Continue reading

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Mystery Loves Company

I’m just back from Body, Mind, Spirit: The Canadian Breast Cancer Network’s National Conference for Young Women Living with Breast Cancer — almost 48 hours solid of education and encouragement with 340 breast cancer survivors from every province and territory … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Sprouts. My much anticipated birthday present to myself arrived this morning. Five huge trays of microgreens: Wheat grass, kale, mizuna and pea shoots. We did a long giddy happy dance, shoved our mouths full of sprouts and sang happy birthday … Continue reading

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Dear Dairy

Two months ago I sucked it up and cut yet another beloved food group from my diet. Since then, my aching, stiff back, joints and limbs have kept me on 24×7 whine. Last weekend, I finally clued in. Since chemotherapy … Continue reading

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William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

Since Andrea is at the I Can Do It! conference, I thought I’d do my best to keep publishing fresh content on the site. While catching up on a backlog of the TED talk videos, I saw this talk by … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

The Wild Oat. I’ve had a lot of firsts since chemo ended, but the only one to make me cry was my first visit back to The Oat. And I cried just as hard at my second. The Wild Oat … Continue reading

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I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills

Peanut butter causes cancer* ? I’ve been blissfully binging on this delicious protein while trying to avoid sugar and dairy. I may as well have been drinking red wine. * According to Food For Breast Cancer. Related Posts: Easy AntiCancer … Continue reading

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Delicious News

Just when I thought it would never be safe to go back in the kitchen, look what arrived last night — out of the blue: A review copy of The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery … Continue reading

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The Reintegration Challenge

Being back in the real world has been a treat: the freedom, the friends, the whiffs of pre-c simplicity. Balancing freedom and caution — that’s been the rub. Deciding which food habits to resume, and to what extent. Which conditions … Continue reading

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Playing Hooky

In my 20 years of software design and 18 years of school, I often dreamed of stepping off the treadmill and spending a day at home. Well, I’ve been home four months now and today I’m playing hooky from that. … Continue reading

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Et tu, du lait?

Since this journey began, I’ve been ruthlessly disciplined: I make and guzzle alkeline veggie juice daily I force down my many supplements every single day I strictly stick to my weekday 2.5 hour exercise and meditation schedules I limit sweets … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Funky hand made eye candy. Last week I dropped all News Feeds from my GoogleReader and replaced them with oodles of Flickr feeds full of funky, brightly coloured, creative, hand made cloth sculpture (such as these). Giving news a pass … Continue reading

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Easy Anticancer Action

My friend Caroline was kind enough to loan me the fabulous book Anticancer: A New Way of Life, by two-time cancer survivor and researcher Dr. David Servan-Schrieber, M.D., Ph.D. I’m not much for radical changes, discipline or complicated formulas so … Continue reading

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