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Happiness Is..

Bold Steps. I was completely honoured to be selected to read a WeCanRebuildHer.com post at Blog Out Loud Ottawa, last night. This reading followed an extremely low week for me and I had barely scraped myself together enough to attend … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Eighteen intensity-packed days condensed down to 2 minutes of feel-goodness. Thank you, Mark!

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Happiness Is…

The many wise, warm, wonderful women who enrich my life.

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Happiness Is…

Weekly evenings with Jay. A lot’s gone on in the past twelve years. Hopes and upheaval. Disappointments. Triumphs. In work, relationships, parenting and health. And through it all, there’s been a weekly evening with Jay. Sanity. Sage advice. Laughter. Perspective. … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Three glorious, sun-filled days. Eating, drinking and being merry. With fabulous, fabulous family.

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Blendered. Again.

School started this morning. Lucy and Bayla were thrilled. Mark was melancholy. And I was chopped, tossed and tongue-tied by the schoolyard full of parents. Stepping into that sea of smiling excitement knocked me flat. I can’t think. I can’t … Continue reading

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Extreme Vacationing

Unbelievably, our long-awaited cross-country train trip has come and gone. What a wild, wild ride. It was our longest family vacation, to date. And certainly our most intense. Compared to the hardcore Rocky Mountain hiking, biking and camping of my … Continue reading

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Am I Touching Something?

“You can keep them bottled up, but they will come out, Michael. Sometimes in the most unexpected… Hey, where the @!*# are my hard-boiled eggs?!“ – Tobias Fünke. Good Grief! Arrested Development 2004. My life is brimming with beautiful people. … Continue reading

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Join Us October 2

If you’ll be in Ottawa October 2, 2011, we’d love you to join Mark, Bayla, myself and our team mates for a beautiful 5km saunter along the Ottawa River to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. You can … Continue reading

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On with the old. In with the new.

Here’s where it all began. Where Mark and I met for our very first date. That history-making, mega-foamy latté. I snuck in the back door. De-toqueing and de-snowing myself, unseen. Mark faced away. Tall, wiry, and newly goateed. There was … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Past, Present and Future Fun. Can’t wait!!! Landscape photos thanks to ecstaticist,  BugMan50 and naserke. Related Posts: Dusting off a Dream

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Caring is King

Last night, online, a friend mourned a friend. And sent ripples across the net. Today, over wine, a friend mourned a lost pet. More ripples. And tonight, a stranger’s hug soothed my own silly tears. People are good. I am … Continue reading

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First Person, First Class

As our enjoyable BOLO evening ended, last week, my friend Laurie and I sprang to our feet, hoping to dash to the exit before throngs of bloggers clogged our path. But the packed room was gridlocked. I shrugged. This would … Continue reading

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Less is More: Anthony Marco PAB2010

One of the many highlights of the fab PAB2011 experience was the wit, wisdom and warmth of Anthony Marco. While we await publication of the PAB2011 sessions, please enjoy his thought-provoking and experiential jolt from PAB2010, A Word is Worth … Continue reading

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An Accidental Time Capsule

In fall 2009, during the stressful 6-week wait for diagnosis of that lump, I turned my back on our beloved podcast, Just One More Book. Weeks later, Bob Goyetche and I discussed that decision, for the Canadian Podcast Buffet. It … Continue reading

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