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Happiness Is…

Closing the oncologist chapter. This morning, I unexpectedly graduated from my oncologist’s practice. Time to update AboutMe: Explorer. Wife. Mother. Yogini. Friend. Happy Healthy Learning Loving Stumbling and fumbling, but getting back up. Surviving and Thriving. And intending to continue doing … Continue reading

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Happiness Is..

Bold Steps. I was completely honoured to be selected to read a WeCanRebuildHer.com post at Blog Out Loud Ottawa, last night. This reading followed an extremely low week for me and I had barely scraped myself together enough to attend … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Surviving and thriving. That’s us, to the right. Two years ago today. Moments after sharing the bad news with Luba. So early in a surreal journey. Behind that smile, a big part of me thought life was over. All of … Continue reading

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Am I Touching Something?

“You can keep them bottled up, but they will come out, Michael. Sometimes in the most unexpected… Hey, where the @!*# are my hard-boiled eggs?!“ – Tobias Fünke. Good Grief! Arrested Development 2004. My life is brimming with beautiful people. … Continue reading

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Have We Done Hair Orange Glasses On?

Low maintenance Alberta-bound Bank-Street-Construction-orange. Related Posts: Have we done hair pink glasses on? Watch it grow month by month They Make Me Feel Dressier Stubble Stings From the Mouth of Bayla #5 Hair Shaving Celebration (video) Hair Shaving (audio)

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Happiness Is…

Carefree times with my healthy, happy, healing, better-than-ever Sweet!

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Looking for Me

In January, 2009, I was a busy woman. A stressed-out Nortel software designer. A hard-working mother to 7 and 9 year old girls. A passionate kidlit advocate publishing four podcast episodes a week. I exercised tonnes. I moved fast. I … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

A healthy, happy husband (and fabulous, free health care) Huge thanks for your good vibes and for our good fortune. xo xo xo Related Posts: Tomorrow is The Big Day

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Tomorrow is The Big Day

Tomorrow is Mark’s long-awaited surgery. Beaming happy healing vibes for a caring, capable team, a smooth and successful operation and Mark’s swift, smooth, permanent recovery. I love you, sweet. Looking forward to the beginning of your new pain-free chapter.

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A Top Notch Tenning

The weekend Lucy turned ten, I found that lump. Fully dressed, amidst Lucy’s festivities, some tingling vibration drew my fingers. And there it was. With a puff of cold steam, a new world was born. Today, Bayla turned ten. Twenty-two … Continue reading

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Healthy Habits

My bad mental habits get loads of space. Here, and in my head. But I have good habits: I’ve all but eliminated sugary treats (19 mos). I consume freshly juiced veggies 4-7 days a week (21 mos). I get lots … Continue reading

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First Person, First Class

As our enjoyable BOLO evening ended, last week, my friend Laurie and I sprang to our feet, hoping to dash to the exit before throngs of bloggers clogged our path. But the packed room was gridlocked. I shrugged. This would … Continue reading

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And now for those last few cobwebs…

“The first thing to remember is this: as long as you make an identity for yourself out of the pain, you cannot become free of it. As long as part of your sense of self is invested in your emotional … Continue reading

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Familiar Rings

Our wedding ring revamp began with a visit to Zeal Metal in May, 2009. We’d chop up and combine our three wedding rings into a fresh, funky set of two. Disorganization delayed the decision until October 2009. The weekend before … Continue reading

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Material Girl

My dreams are typically downers: Dreaded relapses into severed relationships. Transportation tragedies. Elevator quirks. But the past two nights have been lovely. Wednesday brought me racks full of luxurious, dressy new clothing. Last night, a freshly built, spacious new home. … Continue reading

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