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Your Story Deserves to be Bold — My PAB2011 Jolt

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Less is More: Anthony Marco PAB2010

One of the many highlights of the fab PAB2011 experience was the wit, wisdom and warmth of Anthony Marco. While we await publication of the PAB2011 sessions, please enjoy his thought-provoking and experiential jolt from PAB2010, A Word is Worth … Continue reading

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An Accidental Time Capsule

In fall 2009, during the stressful 6-week wait for diagnosis of that lump, I turned my back on our beloved podcast, Just One More Book. Weeks later, Bob Goyetche and I discussed that decision, for the Canadian Podcast Buffet. It … Continue reading

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Bold. By Default.

One million times I backed out of this jolt. But having publicly announced and collected input for a 5 minute spiel about standing up to fear, it seemed the embarrassment of backing out might actually dwarf the embarrassment of flopping. … Continue reading

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Digesting PAB

For the 53 hours since PAB ended, I’ve been squeezing my brain, hoping to shrink the PAB2011 experience down to a blog-post-sized blurb. My mind, my chest, my eyes are still swelling with swirling ideas and images. Huge laughs, huge … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Genuine, generous, creative, talented, inspiring, fun-loving PABsters. What a wonderful weekend. Huge thanks to everyone who made it so. Photo credit Martin Jones.

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Happiness Is…

PAB Here’s a window into why. Cannot wait for PAB2011. Thanks to Bob Goyetche for the photo, above. And huge thanks to Andree for making my PAB2011 weekend possible.

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Healing Humiliation: Wise Words from Julien Smith

I’ve been planning my PAB2011 Jolt. But I’m choking. Luckily, I remembered this sanity-saving advice from Julien Smith. Here’s a tiny taste…. Do things that you consider embarrassing. You must try this. Find your internal filters and break them, one … Continue reading

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Your Story Deserves to be Told. Well.

Stories stick. Stories connect. Stories deliver. Stories mend. Your stories and mine. This month (June 24-26, 2011), I’ll be treating myself to a weekend of narrative nudging, friendly faces and inspiration at the sixth annual PAB conference1 at the National … Continue reading

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Reboot You

PAB2010 was an unforgettable weekend. Thought-provoking sessions, amazing food and, most importantly, passionate, intelligent, interesting, friendly, fabulous people. If you’re creative, online or off, you’ll want to catch the full schedule of sessions as they are rolled out at PABconf.com. … Continue reading

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A standing ovation

PAB is an annual conference and community formed in 2006 which has become a very important part of our lives both as co-organizers and participants. While its roots are in podcasting, the program has matured and become almost exclusively about … Continue reading

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