Survival in Small Talk

We’re having a glorious taste of spring this week. The sun is shining, Snow Drops are blooming and once empty sidewalks are full of smiling, sauntering humans.

Where in winter’s grip I could roam the neighbourhood with my chemo-cocoon in tact, outings this week have been much more social.

And chance meetings with acquaintances have introduced the challenge of responding to pitying looks and casual/earnest inquiries of “Oh, Andrea! How are you doing?”

What can I say?

I’m actually doing fabulously, all things considered. I’ve made it through the initial horror, the decisions, the surgeries, the injections, scans, x-rays, potions and two-thirds of the chemo. I’ve faced the loss of my occupation and income, insurance theft, my own mortality and a huge wallop of uncertainty — and I’ve stayed pretty sane.

But standing on a street corner in the sunshine, no response does this journey justice.

I’m thinking I’ll stick with, “Fine thank you, how are you?”