Up From The Ashes

On Christmas evening, 2009, as I lay recovering from my first round of chemo, our vacationing neighbours lost their home to fire.

In the fourteen months since then, we’ve watched…

As their cute little house stood vacant and charred.
Then was swapped for a gaping hole.

As a new foundation was poured. New walls were framed. Drywall and gorgeous new windows were installed.

And, this week, as cozy nighttime lighting announced that their new house is becoming a home.

All the while, the young fivesome trudged contentedly through typical family routines.

Never guessing how their resilience was rippling.
Or how an unknown neighbour was rebuilding right along.

Stories about real people

I’m working on a project in my day job for which I’m looking to familiarize myself with amazing people-cancer stories — true milestones in the story about people and cancer from the past 30 years that have the same impact as the story of Terry Fox.

So, I posted the question to Twitter earlier today, “Besides Terry Fox, what milestone people-cancer stories do you recall from the last 30 years?”

Linda Mills replied with this amazing story about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation