Happiness Is..

Bold Steps.
I was completely honoured to be selected to read a WeCanRebuildHer.com post at Blog Out Loud Ottawa, last night. This reading followed an extremely low week for me and I had barely scraped myself together enough to attend the event, let alone participate. I'm immensely grateful to the many friends and magical powers that got me through this week of self-inflicted torment. And I'm grateful to Lynn and the BOLO gang for including me in this fabulous evening. Wishing you health and happiness. Andrea xo http://youtu.be/viduQMyhXJQ

Blendered. Again.

School started this morning. Lucy and Bayla were thrilled. Mark was melancholy. And I was chopped, tossed and tongue-tied by the schoolyard full of parents. Stepping into that sea of smiling excitement knocked me flat. I can't think. I can't smile. I don't know where to look. Where to stand. My brain goes blank. I say stupid things. It feels like I'm in a blender. There were great friends in that crowd. And faces that maim me at the best of times. Both bowled me. Sure, it's all in my head. And I should probably ground myself, breath, repeat some mantra. But it takes me by surprise. I'm suddenly whirling and sputtering. And blank. But I survived. And today's the first day of my first school year as a free-all-day mom. I've got bon-bons to eat. I'd better get to it.

First Person, First Class

As our enjoyable BOLO evening ended, last week, my friend Laurie and I sprang to our feet, hoping to dash to the exit before throngs of bloggers clogged our path. But the packed room was gridlocked. I shrugged. This would to take a while. But Laurie was dauntless. She raised her eyebrows, smirked and assured me that her "pointy elbows" would whisk us across that floor. And they did. In a flash we were strolling down Preston -- me admiring her finesse. "You're amazing," I said, "I stand invisible for ages trying to squeeze through crowds." "Oh, me too," Laurie chirped, "I can only do that for someone else." Far. Too. Familiar. In the wise words of my friend Janice, "Good God woman ... Be even kinder to yourself, as you have to live with you." Two tier service just disgusts me yet I foist it daily on myself. So, I'm trying to stop. Thanks to both women for the reminders. I must be worth first class self-service -- judging by the company I keep.

Oh BOLO Me-o ♫

I had no idea this event existed. Thanks to my friend, Laurie, I'll be there. I hope you will too. BLOG OUT LOUD 2011 WHERE: The Prescott, 379 Preston Street, at Preston and Beech WHEN: Thursday, July 7, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm WHO: 20+ bloggers reading their favourite post from the past year; plus several photo bloggers displaying their art WHO'S INVITED: Anyone who likes to hear good writing.

Digesting PAB

For the 53 hours since PAB ended, I've been squeezing my brain, hoping to shrink the PAB2011 experience down to a blog-post-sized blurb.

My mind, my chest, my eyes are still swelling with swirling ideas and images. Huge laughs, huge smiles, huge buzzing, tingling emotions. Huge gratitude for the privilege of belonging. This morning, as we attended Lucy's grade 6 graduation, I realized that the stilted, tension-filled ickiness of that sweltering gym, thick with twelve years of inter-parental encounters, was the anti-PAB. And that helped boil the weekend down to its core... PAB gets me. It lets me be me when I'm there. And seems to do the same for us all. PAB's about expressing, not impressing. It's about connecting and creating and stretching and sharing. It's a slingshot into life. Thanks to everybody for the photos (and for the weekend, of course).
More PAB here.

Happiness Is…

Taking Bold Steps.

More than once, I walked home crying. But I made it through my first ever dance class. And I'm absolutely thrilled that I did.

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Healing Humiliation: Wise Words from Julien Smith

I've been planning my PAB2011 Jolt. But I'm choking. Luckily, I remembered this sanity-saving advice from Julien Smith. Here's a tiny taste....

Do things that you consider embarrassing.

You must try this. Find your internal filters and break them, one at a time. Notice how society, like an ocean, smoothes over the waves you make, until what you do gets eliminated, or becomes the status quo. Work with this.

-- Julien Smith, The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck If my Jolt is a flop. I'll handle it. Eeep.

Baby Steps

Yesterday was the end of term dance recital at our local community centre. What a fabulous show. Hundreds of talented young people filled with energy, confidence, excitement and joy. Even my belly dancing class troupe performed. Did I join them? No. Did I drop out of the class? Yes. And yet watching that 90 minutes of dance just thrilled me. My timid tip-toeing into dance has opened life up. My burlesque is bashful. My belly dancing, a flop. But I'm trying. And, although what I hoped would be an introductory class turned out to be a seasoned troupe, I'm undeterred. I've signed up for five new dance classes. I may never make it into a recital. But, you know, I'm really hoping I do. And that's definitely a whole new me.

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Happiness Is…

On April 14, 2011, after 25 years of full-time employment and with no new position in the works, I quit my job. That evening, I tiptoed timidly into the world of dance. Burlesque, unbelievably. Then celebrated with red wine, Mark and our good friend, Laura. In the six weeks since then, I've turned down a full-time systems analyst position, booked our long-dreamed-of cross-Canada train trip, joined the speaker roster for PAB2011, contributed daily to Mark's new company and endured ten grueling hours of choreographed belly dancing. Sure, I've continued to torture myself with self-doubt, -criticism and -loathing. But I'm better, stronger, happier than I was. I'm alive. And I'm evolving.


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