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Happiness Is…

Surviving and thriving. That’s us, to the right. Two years ago today. Moments after sharing the bad news with Luba. So early in a surreal journey. Behind that smile, a big part of me thought life was over. All of … Continue reading

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Talk for Walking

I’m always pleased to hear that my blog has reached people. Especially those on their own versions of this journey. Today, I heard from Alex in London, England. She asked if I had any advice for post-treatment life. I thought … Continue reading

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I have dreams, Lindsay. Dreams…

Well, then, Tobias… follow those dreams. Make those dreams happen. — Tobias Funke, Visiting Ours Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but … Continue reading

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Everyone’s laughing and riding and cornholing except Buster.

Well, it’s Groundhog Day… again… and that must mean I’m up here in the frozen north, tip-tapping my keyboard and listening, obliviously, to the intermittent vacation plans and reports of family and friends. I’m typically teflon to travel tales. But … Continue reading

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You Have High Self-Esteem, Right?

My weaknesses, my wrinkles, my weight, waste and wussiness. My inner-critic’s bounced right back to full-time abuse. It’s powerful. It’s persistent. But it’s no match for my gratitude. Those bullying thoughts bombard me. As they always have. But I bash … Continue reading

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Bellyflop… On Ice

Me, zipping home from work on the perfectly groomed canal. One skate-sized hollow. Crack. Me, on my belly wondering if my knees still work. It’s been 20+ years, and thousands of kilometres, since I’ve been blades-up on the canal. And, … Continue reading

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My port-a-cath has been out two months, today. I can hardly believe it’s gone. And I can hardly believe it was actually there. I am so grateful.

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Posts I Didn’t Write

My new-found respect for sleep means my waking hours are (unevenly) divided between parenting and working. And that writing and reading and sewing and building and lots of other projects are put off to another day. A cancer-free day, thanks to … Continue reading

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Thank you, 2010

I absolutely adored 2010. We were healthy, happy and together. We had loads to celebrate. And we celebrated often. Yet, reflecting on the year, this morning, I was shocked at its rockiness. Where reactions and reconnections reigned 2009, 2010 was … Continue reading

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Happy anniversary, WeCanRebuildHer.com

This past October marked the beginning of catalogue of anniversaries in our journey through Andrea’s cancer treatment program. At one point I’d worried the anniversaries would be hard and emotional. It turns out they’re rewarding and invigorating because of Andrea’s … Continue reading

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It Gets Better

Huge thanks to Laurie for sharing this beautiful, important video. And to the generous, articulate, inspiring Pixar people who created it.

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Thanksgiving – One Year of Survival

Last week — as part of my new risky living — I joined Toastmasters. I was scheduled to present a “thought-for-the-day” at today’s Thanksgiving week meeting. But it was canceled so I’m sharing it here… A year ago today, as … Continue reading

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Happiness Is…

Carefree, relaxing, restorative family time, loads of space and fresh air. Massive Thank Yous to Jen, Karen, Jim and all the good, good people at CottageDreams.org

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Chasing A Cure

On October 6, 2009, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. On October 3, 2010, I will run for the cure. You can join me in this effort to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by sponsoring me here. … Continue reading

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Andrea on Electric Sky

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Mark’s fabulous audio documentary program, Electric Sky. And guess who’s featured. Me! What an honour. You can listen in as I share my thoughts about facing breast cancer here. Thank you, Mark, for your … Continue reading

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