is ready to begin our

Home Delivery Program

as soon as you are!


Here is the outline:



What is a Flat?

Our flats are 10” x 20” nursery trays utilizing peat as a growing medium and containing the ultimate in fresh produce! You can cut your greens as required using regular kitchen scissors.



We use ocean salts and kelp (seaweed).  By offering our greens a full spectrum of minerals they are able to take what they need to grow ideally.  They will then be able to pass on the nutritional benefits to those who eat them.  

We never use herbicides or pesticides.


Delivery Hubs

To help speed the delivery process we are looking for a few homes that could be hubs where we can drop off 4 or more orders.  Nearby families could come and pick up their orders there.


For those people whose homes would be hubs (minimum four orders) we would only charge you $15 per flat as a thank you.  If you were to sign up ten families your cost would only be $10 per flat!



Your friends and neighbourhood grower,